At Proudly Productive we develop pre work skills using real tools and require individuals to have a high understanding of safe behaviours.

Participants need to be able to follow instructions and have an high level of behavioural self control to keep themselves safe and not be a danger to others

All enrolment are individually assessed. History of past and present behaviours which may impact the health and safety of others must be disclosed for accurate and safe risk management assessments.  Non disclosure will result in instant termination of enrolment. 

If you wish to enquire about joining Proudly Productive, please make contact using the below email to obtain an enrolment form.

When enrolment forms are completed and returned to us an assessment will be made. If approved a first trial visit will be booked which will take place with your own support person present.

Once trial visit/s are successfully completed you will be offered a placement and be supported by Proudly Productive staff members who are trained to safely support you in our workshop environment.


Proudly Productive Pty Ltd is a registered NDIS provider and charge in accordance with the NDIS price Guide. 

provider Number. 4050030985

Fees are charged at an hourly rate from your CORE 

Community, Social & Civic 

NDIS funding


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Preferred contact is by email or leave a message