Proudly Productive is an environment where team members feel at ease and are motivated to develop social and pre work skills. Once developed, these skills could result in a move into paid  employment or could be used to turn a hobby into a social enterprise, setting up their own little boutique business. This would allow them to sustain the hobby and give it some higher purpose and meaning adding to the sense of achievement. 

 To book a tour at Proudly Productive, take a look at our Enrolment and Transition Policy if you think we are the right place for you then give us a call. Before enrolling we assess the team member’s suitability. Team members are required to have a high level of self control and the cognitive ability to control their behaviour to participate safely in our program.


Income from the sale of items created in our workshop goes back into the shop to buy the materials used e.g. paint, fabric, wool, felting needles, etc.  Team members do not get a wage.

Our goal is to support individuals to increase independence and confidence in all aspects of life. 

From time to time we offer craft workshops to the general community, enhancing the community spirit and making sure we create an inclusive environment. Proudly Productive is a safe, happy social place where young adults can transition from school into the community free from anxiety and pressure. 

Proudly Productive caters for young adults

We also offer limited places for school students during the school holidays. Visit our Facebook page to view many more videos of team members participating in activities.


Proudly Productive is very different from the larger workshops and welcome people to book a tour, it is the best way to get a clear understanding of how we operate.

(Numbers are limited to approximately 10 team members each day.)

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Colleen Armstrong


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6 Chamberlain Street, O'Connor


Preferred contact is by email or leave a message